How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online & Offline

How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online: State Bank of India issues credit card facility for the account holders in the bank. Some steps are to be followed in order to get an own card by the customer of State Bank of India. The account holders must apply for credit card if they also wanted to use this type of banking.

Steps to be Followed from Application to Usage of SBI Credit Card

All the banks in India are now providing the facility of Credit card to the account holders of their own bank. The customers can get their own credit card on the request to the bank and use it. Credit card system helps the customer to borrow money from the bank and repay them later. It is easier for the customer to bill at the time of purchasing.

The State Bank of India is giving a Credit card prime for its customers. With this card, the customer can get special offers while shopping like Pantaloons, Bata, Hush puppies,, and Shoppers shop. The users of credit card can get an offer Rs. 3000. The users must have a State Bank of India credit card to avail of this offer that is given by the SBI. According to the statistics, State Bank of India has its offices in about 63 countries. 2.3 million customers are already using the services of State Bank of India Credit card.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents needed for Getting a Credit Card

1. State Bank of India (SBI) customers are only eligible to get a credit card from the SBI.

2. Age of the customer must lie between 21 years and 60 years to get a credit card.

3. A customer of State Bank of India living in the metro city must earn an amount of Rs 18500 per month.

4. One must also submit the documents for getting a SBI Credit card such as ID proof, Address Proof, PAN card, Voter card and last three months salary slip.

The required documents must be given by the eligible candidates to the officer at the branch the client is holding the account. The officials will start the process to provide a credit card to the client. The State Bank of India will send the statement of a credit card to the customer through an email.

If you don’t have an account in the State bank of India, then you can open a new account and apply for the credit card. You can also make this process using the online process. The customers holding the credit card can also use service of banking such as statement, billed statement, unbilled transactions and reward points, etc.


After getting a credit card, the customer is given some of the offers and reward points for some transactions. The offers are different for different users based on the transactions. Offers given for the credit card may not be same for all the customers. The State Bank of India offers the customer different schemes and cash back points based on the selection of the credit card.


State Bank of India is now giving the following credit cards to its customers based on the requirement of the users. They are

1. Premium Credit cards

2. Corporate Credit cards

3. Travel Credit cards

4. Shopping cards

It also offers other exclusive offers to its customers. The joining fee and reward points are different for all the credit card users. So, you must check your requirement and select a credit card that suits your needs. This will help you to make the transactions very easy. It takes only two minutes for an individual to fill an application for the State Bank of India credit card. It is not much needed for you to think about the selection of credit card based on the offers.

How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

If you have an account in any branch of State Bank of India, then you are eligible for getting a credit card for your shopping and other billings. You can provide the required documents along with an application form at the branch you are holding the account. After the application process, you can know the status of an application for the credit card you had applied for. Here are the following simple steps to know the SBI Credit Card Status of the application for a credit card.

1. Use your Application number.

2. You can get the application status using the Date of Birth (DOB) and PAN card number.

How to trach SBI Credit Card Status online

SBI New Customers Offers

1. You can buy a refrigerator at a LG Store and pay back the money in EMI method.

2. You will get a 5% discount for using the SBI credit card.

3. 5% discount is available at the Big Baazar for SBI credit card.

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