The State Bank of India had come to the Internet platform and providing the services for the customers. All the data of the clients is managed by the Privacy Policy that came from the sbionline services. The sbionline takes, use, maintain and disclose the information of the every individual customer of State Bank of India. The data is gained from the customer through which is the official website of State Bank of India. All the users are monitored from the State Bank from the information that is being stored. 

Personal identification information

The information for the State bank of India is received in many ways. It used different methods for the information for different customers of the bank. It may collect the information when the user will visit the site . SBI also conduct surveys, ask to fill the details and some activities related to services and other activities relate to site. Sometimes, the user is asked for providing the email address for the requirement of personal identification requirement. It is not mandatory for the user to provide their email because it is their personal. SBI takes if and only if the user is likely in giving their email address. The user can refuse in giving the email because it may engage in certain other sites performing some other activities.

Non Personal identification Information

State bank of India collect some of the non personal details of the users. The details are collected from the website users. When a user uses the State Bank of India website, the details are taken. The details include information such as name of the browser, which type of computer the user is using and some technical information. Technical information means Operating system of user, their internet service provider, etc.

Web browser Cookies

The site  uses the “cookies”. The web browser will store the cookies on the hard drive for history and finding the information about the user searches. The user is having a choice to set or block the cookies when they are sent. Blocking of the cookies sometimes will stop the functions of the site.

Procedure for collecting the information of the User:

The State Bank of India stores the information of the users who are using their site This information is stored and used for the purposes-

The information of emails is used for sending the updates and new features to the respective users with the stored information.

The feedback given by the users when they use the site helps the State bank of India to make the site perfect in the weakening areas.

The interest of the users can be evaluated based on the information of the users of the site.

The personal information of the users helps for displaying the content of the user.

Any inquiry and questions and requests of the users is understood from the information recorded by the State Bank of India.

Security for the Information by SBI

The information or data of the user is stored and used on the requirement. The State Bank of India always takes care of the accessing of one account by any other unauthorized persons. All the passwords, transaction services used by the user are kept secured by the State Bank of India.

Sharing the Personal Information

State bank of India always wanted the trust of the users. It never involves in disclosing the personal information of the customer such as password, balance, etc. only details that are non personal and does not effects the user account are shared with the affiliates, business partners and other advertisers  for some mutual business only. But, this information is not sufficient for the others.

Third Party Websites

You can observe some advertisements are available on the site of State Bank of India. Some publish or promote their product or services by linking their site to the SBI site. They may be business partners, sponsors, licensers’, advertisers. All these are called as the third parties. All the information from this link has responsibility to the publishers only. The State Bank of India does not take any action or responsibility for something happening with that links.

The third party does not have same services all the time. They vary the content constantly. They have two types of services- privacy policy and customer service policy. When you click on the third party site and use it, you must follow the terms and conditions of that third party website. State bank of India does not take any of the responsibility over the issue raised on the sites or links published in the SBI site.


We can see different advertisement on the site. These are available for the users when they set enable the cookies on their desktops. These advertisements will collect the non personal information of the computer that you are using when you are watching it on online. They evaluate the interest of the user and target the user with the advertisement that the user is interested in. The usage of the cookies cannot be managed with the privacy policy by the advertisers.

Google Adsense

Google is used for some of the ads on the computer. The Google use the DART cookie. This cookie will help the server to show the advertisements that the user is interested in. DARK cookie will not use the personal information of the user. It only uses the non personal information of the user in the internet of a computer. DART cookies can also be blocked on the Google ad and network privacy policy. The direct link of it is

Changes in the Privacy policy

State Bank of India changes the privacy policy setting at any time. You will be notified with a notification by the SBI. You can watch it on your display of monitor. You must be looking to the privacy policy and know about the new settings in the privacy policy. You can gain the information of the privacy policy when you become aware on it.

Your acceptance of terms

If you are using the site, it implies you are agreed with the terms. If you disagree, please do not use the site anymore. The changes in the privacy will be happen if you continue using the site.