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How to Know SBI Account Number using ATM Card

How to know SBI Account Number using ATM Card: Are you an account holder in State Bank of India (SBI)? Are you carrying an SBI ATM Card with you anywhere? Are you searching for the process to know the State Bank of India (SBI) account number using ATM Card? Are you carrying the details such as CIF number? Yes, it is possible for everyone to get their account number using the ATM card. Here, in this article, we are providing you the procedure for “How to know State Bank of India (SBI) account number using the ATM card?” Read the complete article for more details. 

Many will not carry account details with them when going outside. What if, if we require account number somewhere outside or when we don’t have an access in possible ways to obtain the account information? This article will surely help you in knowing some information required for you. So, continue to read this article until last for more information. 

Are you holding an ATM/ Debit card along with you which is attached to the SBI account? Are you using a smartphone? If your answer is yes, you can easily get your account number of State Bank of India (SBI) using your ATM card on your Smartphone. 

Procedure for obtaining SBI Account Number using ATM card:

It is very simple to get account number using the ATM card for SBI. All the steps are mentioned here below for you. Follow the steps as mentioned to know your account number. 

Step 1: Take your Smartphone which is having an internet connection. Go to the app store in your mobile and download “SBI Buddy Merchant” app. After successful downloading, install the app. 

sbi buddy merchant app

Open the app after installing. It asks for selecting a language to proceed. A list of languages is displayed for you on the screen. Select your respective language and click on next. 

Step 2: You will be shown two options. They are Sign In and Sign Up. You need to select the option as Sign Up. You need not select the Sign In option here.

Select language sbi buddy Merchant App

Step 3: In the next page, you will be displayed two options. They are Internet Banking and ATM. Select the option as ATM and then click on continue button at the bottom. 

Sign Up Sbi buddy

Step 4: This page ask you to enter some details. They are ATM card number, Expiry Date, Card holder name and PIN of your ATM card.

Select Atm Sbi Buddy

You will be shown a captcha as an image. Enter the same in the blank provided and click on the proceed button. 

Step 5: In the next screen, you will be displayed your CIF number and account number on your Smartphone. 

Debit Card Details Sbi Buddy

Using the above-mentioned steps one by one, you can easily get your State Bank of India account number linked with the ATM card. You just follow the instructions as mentioned without any mistakes. You can get know your account number in easy steps in very few minutes. Only an ATM card and its PIN are mandatory for making this process. 

sbi Account Number Using atm card

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