SBI Buddy App Download &How To Send Transfer Money from State Bank Of India Buddy App

The State Bank of India had introduced an app in the name SBI Buddy App. This app was introduced with a major intention to help the clients in making the faster banking. The App was given facilities in it. The App was designed user-friendly to the clients. The engineers had developed it with best features and with security.

The app can be used by the clients of State Bank of India by downloading it. The clients of the state bank of India can download the app from the Google Play Store, Itunes Store or Windows Store. The app is free for all the users of it. The only requirement is the user must have an account in the State bank of India.

The State Bank Buddy app is designed for easy transactions by the client. The client can also book movie tickets, flight tickets, make mobile recharge etc from the app. The app is designed such that the client can know the details of his account at any point of time. The client can also transfer the amount/ cash to any other account holder and also receive money from the other user at any time. The app is making the clients go for cashless transactions.

The smart phone revolution had brought a big change in the technology. All the people are now having their own smart phones. The demonetization of currency in India had suffered a lot in the country. The rate of increasing the app had increased after the demonetization. The app can be used from any location. The banking is available for 24*7 through the state bank buddy app. The app can be accessed by all the smartphones users. The app supports to pay at shopping, restaurants, and other places. There will be no chance of change while using this app.  

The State Bank of India had designed the app in many languages. The app can be accessed in 13 different languages. This is a benefit for the client to make use of the app easy. The client also can see the process of banking in their own language and work such that no mistakes will happen in the process of using the app. The client using the app in their own language help them to understand more and it will be easy to handle the app.

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State Bank of India Buddy App Benefits:

a) The State Bank Buddy app will ask for username and password in prior of entering into the app. The client must first register in the app. The app asks for the facebook username and password. From it, the SBI buddy app will get the information such as name, age, etc details. The account will be created based on the connection with the facebook account.

b) The account in SBI can also be created using the mobile number, email ID, password, and PIN.

2. The app is used for many purposes.

i) Transfer money to the e-wallets.

ii) Get money from another Buddy app.

iii) book movie tickets, bus tickets, shopping.

iv) Instant money transfer.

v) Get discounts and deals paying the State Bank Buddy app.

Transfer of money will be easy with this app. The money can be transferred through the app to another at any time. This app will help in not waiting in the queue in making the transactions. Another person receiving the amount from you from this app should also register in the app.

You can simply select the contact number from your phone book to send him the amount. You can also send amount using the Facebook account using this app. After selecting the number of facebook account, you must enter the amount to be sent and give the security password (MPIN) to continue the process. You will be notified about the transaction details to your number.

Procedure to Send or Adding Money to SBI Buddy app:

Step 1: Download the app from the store.

Step 2: Register in the app.

Step 3: Select the required payment displayed on the screen. And Follow the process.

SBI Buddy app sending money Step 1

SBI Buddy app sending money Step 2

SBI Buddy app sending money Step 3

SBI Buddy app sending money Step 4

SBI Buddy app sending money Step 5

The app can be used for a different purpose such as money transfer, payment for booking of the movie, bus, flight, etc. Mobile recharge can be done using the app. The electrical bills, telephone bills can also be paid using the SBI buddy app. To get more benefits from the app, the users must complete the process of KYC. The KYC can be completed without reaching the branch of State Bank of India. Only money cannot be withdrawn from the app.

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